DPLADS solutions

Targeting options

Standard targeting

Standard targeting allows the targeting of members using the most common variables:

  • Geotargeting
    • Country
    • State / region
    • Town
    • Postcode
  • Provider (eg. Vodafone)
  • Bandwidths (eg. DSL)
  • IPs/IP-Ranges
  • Browser
  • Operating system
  • Device type (e.g. Desktop, Mobile , Tablet, SmartTV)
  • Language
  • Parameter targeting
  • Visibility
  • Screen size
  • Visit duration
  • Page views
  • Flash version
  • Weather targeting

Custom targeting

Custom targeting sits at the forefront of the DPLAds platform. This considers the specific stages within the member life cycle and more importantly, provides refined and extensive targeting options to influence member behaviour. Some examples include:

  • Verified/non verified member
  • Members with/without a photo
  • Members with/without a profile
  • Male/female
  • Characteristics such as smoker/with children/marital status
  • Interests such as music and personal/social hobbies
  • Age (older than X, younger than Y)
  • Number of days registered
  • Free/paying member
  • Lapsed member
  • Number of days downgraded
  • Number of days until rebill
  • Source of member registration
  • Date of birth and birthday countdown
  • Even/odd members for A/B testing purposes

Understanding our client's overarching strategy, their primary goals and expectations from a successful campaign ensures that we can deliver additional tailored variables and custom targeting options.