About US

Let us tell you more about DPLAds and how we can help you grow your business

An introduction

DPLAds is our fully flexible and purpose built engagement and monetisation platform developed to help subscription based businesses maximise ROI and lifetime values through three key activities:

  • Driving user engagement, conversion rate and other defined KPIs by introducing customised and tailored merchandising campaigns
  • Driving incremental revenues through the advertising of relevant and engaging third party products
  • Exposing further monetisation opportunities, designed specifically for membership (premium area and subscription model) websites

DPLAds complements our client's core offering, enabling them to run bespoke campaigns to trigger member activities at the optimum time, all in a bid to improve revenues.

Our target market

Carefully structured in the initial development phase, DPLAds is ideally suited for businesses whose core model is centered around member subscriptions.

Our technology helps to drive engagement and conversion rate from free to paying member with tailored and targeted merchandising campaigns. With a fully flexible and custom service provided to cater for every step in the user journey, DPLAds covers everything from the key early stage engagement, to specific actions within the member rebill cycle. The end goal is to enhance product quality and member experience, generating higher lifetime values and greater revenue generation for the business.

We strive to understand our client's business requirements in order to build a custom and complementary framework which works in conjunction with the fundamental goal of generating revenues from the primary products. DPLAds has experience in maintaining an agile approach to adapt quickly and effortlessly in line with the needs of our clients.

Due to its simple and seamless integration, DPLAds can assist companies who are currently unable to fully dedicate time to execute a successful merchandising or advertising strategy whilst their focus is understandably on their primary business.

The DPLAds approach

Vital to long term success is the initial collaborative business and product research to identify the key member triggers and areas of desired focus and improvement for our client’s business. From this point, DPLAds is able to construct a detailed integration plan which identifies the optimum times to influence these critical events, as well as the key communication required for the targeted improvement.

DPLAds by nature focusses on the primary service provided by the business, the members who are part of this service and crucially the expected and optimum experience required to fully maximise ROI and revenues.

Understanding our client’s core objective is key to the development of a lucrative monetisation strategy. Past case studies and historical success proves that merchandising should be the first and foremost attempt at further engaging and monetising members, with advertising providing incremental revenues as a secondary monetisation stream.

To maintain this approach, DPLAds have built up these key features:

Custom creative streams to ensure an integrated approach along with a natural experience for members
A flexible advertising offering; fully managed or self serve
A robust and feature rich ad server to deliver a successful launch and to allow for regular optimisation
Specifically tailored integration methods to ensure a unique and relevant setup for each individual client