Our technology


DPLAds prides itself on its flexibility and ease of integration. With a number of clients spanning multiple verticals, we understand the importance of a platform that offers something fully custom and flexible for long term success.

We have a custom approach to each of our clients, operating a variety of platforms and technologies. The need for tailored integrations could be due to the complexity of their business, difficulties in integrating new technologies, differing requirements from internal teams or due to multiple objectives needing to be met from the implementation of a monetisation strategy.

We work with clients from day one to analyse their overall objectives and business environment before preparing an integration plan to ensure that all needs are met with minimal work from their side.

DPLAds aims for a simple integration. This typically involves the addition of one snippet of code custom developed as a result of the integration plan to suit the client's platform and consider any potential technical limitations. The code is asynchronous which means that any merchandising or advertising activities will load separately to the primary content to ensure no adverse effect on platform speed.