UNLOCKthe full potential of your business

We provide unrivaled support and expertise to drive incremental revenues and ROI, whilst you are able to focus on adding ongoing value through your core product.

Who we are?

Founded in 2012, Dating Profits Limited is the umbrella company behind the B2B hub that provides a wide range of services to businesses across multiple verticals. Adding value through the delivery of tech and know-how within our areas of expertise, we connect brands with clients by delivering high quality traffic through our network of selected affiliated businesses.

Through enabling new ways of monetisation to platforms with unique and specific requirements, we ensure success by providing on-going support and specialist consultation and advisory services to our clients. With a wealth of revenue generation experience spanning a number of markets, Dating Profits Limited can be the key to unlocking the full potential of your business.

DPLAds is our fully flexible and purpose built engagement and monetisation platform developed to help subscription based businesses maximise ROI and lifetime values through three key activities:

Driving user engagement, conversion rate and other defined KPIs by introducing customised and tailored merchandising campaigns

Driving incremental revenues through the advertising of relevant and engaging third party products

Exposing further monetisation opportunities, designed specifically for membership (premium area and subscription model) websites

DPLAds complements our client's core offering, enabling them to run bespoke campaigns to trigger member activities at the optimum time, all in a bid to improve revenues.

DPLAds solutions

Understanding our client's core objectives is key to the development of a lucrative monetisation strategy. Past case studies and historical success proves that merchandising should be the first and foremost attempt at further engaging and monetising members, with advertising providing incremental revenues as a secondary monetisation stream.

To maintain this approach, DPLAds have built up these key features:

Custom creative streams to ensure an integrated approach along with a natural experience for members

Flexible advertising offering; fully managed or self serve

Robust and feature rich ad server to deliver a successful launch and to allow for regular optimisation

Specifically tailored integration methods to ensure a unique and relevant setup for each individual client

Our technology

The DPLAds setup is both dedicated and shared:


All ad serving is being delivered by one powerful engine designed to handle billions of ad impressions per day. All creatives are being hosted and managed by a fully shared platform designed for optimum performance.


DPLAds provides separate dedicated servers to host custom code developed on a per client basis which ensures total separation between clients and enables complete customisation of the product.


The need to protect both client and member security is paramount to DPLAds.
Key features of our platform include:

  • Fully IAB certified ad serving platform
  • HTTP and HTTPS protocols fully supported
  • No sensitive or personal data stored at any point
  • Depends only on cookies to deliver targeted content
  • Client decides what data is exposed to DPLAds to allow for targeting